Chanel small classic flap owners (9 inch)

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  1. Hi,

    Any one that owns the 9 inch small classic flap, how do you like it? Is it very similar to a medium / large?

    I've seen this size on the Chanel website, but it's very hard to find any information on the current flaps. Most small 9 inch flaps I do see, are the vintage.

    If anyone owns them, can you provide some feedback? I'm considering getting a pre loved small flap, but haven't seen one IRL!

    Thanks ☺️
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  2. Hi there - I have a classic 9 inch classic flat (black caviar with silver hardware) that I purchased new in 2014 and I love it. I have a jumbo and wanted a smaller flap, and was deciding between the small and M/L at the time. I think that it is extremely similar to the M/L and being 1 inch shorter in length did not make a difference to me in terms of functionality/space, but I liked how it looked with one strap pulled long better than the M/L (I am 5'2"). It has also solved the issue of me wanting a mini, since it looks just as cute (but slightly more functional for me). Hope this helps!
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  3. It is a great small flap. Good luck finding one in great condition.
  4. Thanks for replying :smile: are they common in store to buy at this time? Small Flaps?

    I'm in the same situation as you, looking for a smaller flap and deciding between M/L or Small.
  5. Thank you!! I think i did find a 2 year old small flap that I am tempted to get! Just that you don't see much information regarding the small flap, unless it's the vintage ones!
  6. Here are pictures of my s/m and m/l next to each other, so you have an idea how they compare.
    The small flap is just the cutest thing ever :heart:

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  7. Aw thanks for the photos, this is awesome! I think the S/M is extremely adorable, bigger than a mini that I can probably fit a bit more.
  8. You're welcome :smile:
    I have the square mini (7 inch), and yes, I can fit quite a bit more in my small flap. Most people go for the m/l flap, since it's only $200 more than the s/m (which still goes for $4700, I believe).
    I love both, but there's something so cute about the small flap. It's also great for evenings out, or formal events.
    As you can see, I love small bags (I don't carry much with me, my every day bag is the half moon woc), and that's also why my most favorite size reissue is the 225 (9.5 inch). It's a size in between the medium and small flap.
    Good luck with your hunt!!
  9. Hi I have a small classic and love it. I'm 5'1 and it fits me perfectly and I fit a ton of stuff :smile:
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  10. I recently purchased a small flap back in Feb and I love it. All my other Chanel bags are jumbo size or WOC. I've been gravitating towards smaller bags lately so the small flap works perfect for me from day to night.
  11. May I ask where did you ladies find the 9"? Are they available at boutiques only?

  12. Beautiful!!!!!!

  13. I asked my SA today, she said its sold at boutiques!
  14. I have one and love it