Chanel Small Boy - Worth it or not?

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  1. Ultimately I completely get that the value of what you buy is in the eyes of the owner but I would love to hear thoughts on this subject. I recently was introduced to the Chanel Small Boy. Aesthetically, it's beautiful, but for those of you who own this size, how much do you fit and how often are you wearing it?
  2. I have old medium boy in lambskin, was so scared to use it at first. So worth it, in my opinion. I use it more often than my caviar jumbo and medium lambskin. Best for casual outfits and casual day to day activities. Love it!
  3. I have a small & old medium boy and to be honest I can't fit much more in the old medium then the small. I can fit a small wallet or card holder, phone, lip gloss, compact and keys. I have a video on my YouTube Channel, Stylevialauren called "what fits in my Chanel bags" if you'd like to see the difference in size between the two :smile:
  4. I have a small boy and and old medium boy, and tend to use the old medium more. The small is great for evenings or running around when I don't need much, but it's not an everyday bag for me. That said I love it, but don't use it as much as I thought I would (I use my cf mini's more, but the boy when I want a more modern look).
  5. Thanks I will check it out for sure!
  6. Thanks for the response...are you finding that you can fit more into CF mini than the small boy?
  7. Lately I've been using the flap pocket in the back of the bag for CC's and cash rather than use a wallet - Then I can fit in phone, car fob, tissues, lip balm, earbuds. I like the size a lot but I've generally been trying to carry less on myself so as not to bother my back lugging stuff around in a bag.
    Also it leaves no room for dudes to toss their gadgets in your bag. :smile: