chanel slingbacks thoughts

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  1. hi everyone, so lately i have been contemplating to get the classic and trendy chanel slingbacks! the chanel boutique in my area just restocked them in gold black and navy blue. i tried the gold and the navy and they are both beautiful but the navy blue stood out more to me honestly. i have to say they are super comfortable and look very chic but they only thing that kept me from taking the plunge is that even though the heel is realitively small and squarish it is still a heel and im not a heels person at all! i was afraid i wont get much use out of them and since ill be paying this much i want to know ill be getting my money's worth out of it! i searched the purse forum for advice but didnt find much content, although i must say on instgram there are plenty of fashion bloggers who have already jumped on the trend! what do you guys think about these babies? has anyone bought them recently and how are they in terms of comfort and pairing them with your everyday outfits?
    thanks for letting me share!
  2. I am really thinking of getting a pair! I really like that they seem to fit both casual and dressed up outfits!
    The heel also seems low enough that you could wear them instead of flats many times. Maybe not for walking around like touring somewhere, but otherwise I think they'd be a nice shoe all around.
  3. Think they are great!! Its nice to have something different in your wardrobe
    & add that extra element of surprise
  4. I like them. The heel is not high at all, and it is a block heel, should be fairly comfortable. You should get them!
  5. I like them a lot too, depends on the outfit you can get lots different looks and styles. My friend bought a pair and they look amazing!
  6. thats what i thought but my husband told me you wont be able to handle the heel and you will regret it! i later realized that men don't know much about fashion and heels and that stuff so it was probably a good idea to take in their input but do as you wish loool😂😂
  7. so true! thanks for the reply 😘
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