Chanel Sleeping Mask- Help?

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  1. SO CUTE! I was looking for a sleeping eye mask today!
  2. Oh well, I think you just found one ;) lol
  3. Very cute! Does anyone know the price?
  4. I am in love and I need it if it just cost a few tens of dollar. LOL!
  5. There are two sleeping masks for spring:


    The one w/ the eyelids is $430
    and the one that says "coco" is $580 (usd)
  6. Nice. But I will pass... For this price?? :graucho:
    I will continue my current practice of placing my blanket over my eyes while sleeping
  7. hahaha... not paying THAT price.. jeez, what is it Stiched with white gold thread?
  8. adorable! prices are kinda insane though!!
  9. Ridiculously priced but ridiculously cute... I have to get it! :biggrin:
  10. WAY out of my budget for a sleep mask.... thats a bummer I really wanted it
  11. Chanel did a travel set a few years ago that came with a cashmere slippers, an eye mask and travel blanket. I think it was like $2,000 but no one bought them even at first and second mark down so they ended up at outlet like NM last call and there were tons on Ebay, all cheap.
  12. Wow this is cute!!! but i won't pay for that price too! :P
  13. That what I thought would happen.. I wish I would of known about that travel set lol
  14. The one w/ the eyelids is $430
    and the one that says "coco" is $580 (usd)

    that's just nuts.. but hey, If a guy has a ton of money and wants to get his girl a cute gift, this would be perfect
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