chanel skincare

  1. Hi ladies<

    I'm not sure if I can talk about chanel none bag related items on this forum. Please close this if it is violating the rules.

    I have a question on chanel skincare product. Do you use any chanel skin product? what do you think of the quality comparing other big brands?
  2. I love Chanel makeup - their foundations are really beautiful. However, the skincare line is scented and I can't use scented products. I much prefer pharmaceutical grade products for skin care such as MD Forte. They give better results IMO. Many of the high-end skin care lines are overpriced due to fancier packaging, not necessarily better ingredients.
  3. Right now I'm using Precision System Eclat Mousse, Activateur Jeunesse, Age Delay SPF15 and Blanc Essentiel emulsion.

    They are okay- the cleanser is very foamy and I love the scents on all their products. But other than that, I haven't seen any brightening effects :s

    I won't be repurchasing when I'm done and will probably go back to Lancome or Kose.
  4. The packaging of Chanel skincare is anything but fancy :p It's actually very cheap plastic packaging, the cheapest looking out of all the high-end brands I've tried. IMO with the money they are charging and Chanel's reputation, they can improve the packaging significantly.
  5. chanel's overall skincare is below par, IMO.

    the only thing i use is their purite serum, which works wonders, and has a fresh scent.

    but other than that, i've been using the Bliss Steep Clean collection, for my acne-pronce/oily skin, and it has done absolute wonders for me. with regular exfoliation and all that stuff, my skin is like porcelain, i get so many compliments on it.

    and that's a lot coming from an 18 year old.
  6. mkarya, if you're interested in any particular products, you can go to this site and look up reviews. It's very useful:
  7. I think it's too individual personally. . .
    one thing that works for me may not work for you.
    I have loved every product I've tried so far :biggrin:
  8. ^^ I agree. I have tried and really love everything from the Chanel Precision line.:tup:
  9. I am a fan of the Chanel eye make-up remover. Eyeliner and mascara comes off with one or two swipes - it's really soft on such a delicate area
  10. i haven't tried anything from their skincare line, but a great brand is shiseido! I recommend going to different make-up counters and speaking with the sales associates -- they can recommend what is best/most suitable for you!
  11. I LOVE Chanel make-up, but not too crazy about their skincare line. It's too heavily scented for my sensitive nose. Their make-up is absolutely gorgeous though.
  12. i really love Chanel's powders - especially the poudre universelle loose or compacte. it's super fine and goes on well. i haven't really tried their skincare line because i have such sensitive skin and sensitive nose so i can't use anything scented.

  13. Fenix: Thank you! I've tried almost everything and still can't find the right product for my oily skin..:sad:
  14. If you have oily skin, have you considered trying Cetaphil or Neutrogena?
  15. I love the Purite Ideale Serum! Really helps even out my skin and contol the oil in my t-zone!