Chanel Skincare Feedback please


Chanel skincare - yay or nay?

  1. Yay!

  2. Nay :tdown:

  3. Never personally tried it, but have heard good things.

  4. Never personally tried it, but have heard bad things.

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  1. Yay or Nay? How do you like their Skincare line? I am debating about giving it a try I have been using Dior and don't mind it really but I love to try new lines. I purchased something from Neiman Marcus and got a free sample of Chanel Sublimage and just love it....but then I checked it out to see how much it was....$350 :wtf: but oh it smells so nice and makes my skin feel wonderful.
  2. I heard from my friend that Chanel make up is actually really bad for your skin. I can't remember exactly, but I think I remember her mentioning that Chanel's make up does not use the "best" ingredients...??? don't quote me on that though..b/c hey..if it works for you.....then it should be good!
  3. I've used a few different Chanel skincare products and have generally been happy, although I've never bought their more expensive line. What I use is more $75-$100ish. I would consult with an SA at a good department store and get samples and try them at home. I can't tell whether or not my skin really likes something until I've used it for a few days. I also use products from Lancome, Clinique and Shisheido right now.
  4. ^^I don't believe that personally.
    My skin is hyper sensitive and I've had nothing but tremendous results from the few products I've tried.
    I'm now a faithful and loyal forever buyer of their tinted moisturizer and as soon as I run out of my current jar I'll be faithfully and forever be buying Sublimage as well.
    I had about 4-6 weeks worth of samples of it and my skin was unbelievable! I noticed an immediate improvement after using it for a week.
    As I run out of each of my current faves, I'll be trying their Chanel counterpart.
  5. I was a Lancome/Dior user but tried Chanel under Jill's guidance and I will never go back. Started using their tinted moisturizer and their serum and moisturizer. It's the Rectifiance line. My skin has been amazing since I started using them and all the samples I tried are outstanding. I also like their makeup as well. Their colors are wonderful. Good luck.
  6. Everyone's skin responds differently to products, but I can tell you that my experience with Chanel products was not good. I have hypersensitive skin. I can't use any facial cleansers that are high in alkaline and/or fragrance. Chanel puts too much irritating fragrance into their products. I can't understand it.

    Since I switched over to Amore Pacific and Shu Uemura, my skin is less irritated and less prone to breakouts. You can purchase both lines of products at Neiman Marcus.
  7. Just wanted to report back that I went ahead and got the complete skincare line from Chanel and loving it!!!! :smile:
  8. I just recently started using their makeup and am having amazing results. I have very sensitive skin, so I was apprehensive at first, but am very happy.
  9. Never used their skincare line but loved their creme foundation. Also used the compact foundation and never had a problem. I've also heard good things about their skincare items.
  10. I heard it is good.
  11. Just went on chanels website and you can get a profile of products depending on your skin type. I've been in the market for a new skincare line and have been trying to decide what to try. I might just try this line. After all, I've tried the make up, love all chanels fragrances so it just might work. Neimans s/b having their beauty bonus coming up, maybe that would be a good time to try it.
  12. That would be a good time to try it. Macy's just had a deal as well. If you know when Chanel will be having it at NM, please let us know.
  13. ok, I'll keep you posted
  14. What do you mean by the beauty bonus?? I have only shopped at Neiman once, so i don't know about this!! I too love everything Chanel!! :nuts:
  15. Just went on Nordstroms to look for something and they have a beauty bonus thing going on that wasn't on their site last night. For a beauty purchase of $95 you get a train case with goodies. Check it out! Nothing with the Chanel line, only a mini mascara w/purchase.