Chanel sizing vs. Vuitton sizing

  1. I'm interested in a pair of Chanel t-strap sandals I saw online. They're a size 39. I've read in this section that Chanel shoes run small, and does that go for sandals too? I normally wear a size 38.

    I've bought a pair of LV mules online in a size 39 and they fit perfectly, so I was wondering whether Chanel shoes run just as small as LV shoes. Does anyone know? TIA! :yes:
  2. Ok, I wear LV 39 or 39.5, Chanel 39.5 and CL 39.5. So I think they are all pretty true to size. I have been wearing LV shoes for more than 7 years, so I think it should be pretty accurate.
  3. Im all diff sizes in LV..Chanel..Im always 1/2 to one full size up in their shoes.Im an 8 1/2 normally..In Chanel.Im a 9 - 9 1/2
  4. Thank you!:idea: