chanel single flap bags

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  1. does anyone have this bag? the chanel single flap bag in black or red in the small size? what do you think about these bags and what price are they if anyone knows?
  2. I have a single flap bag, but it's not the classic small, it was the longer and skinnier one that came out this last spring/ that the one you're thinking of?
  3. ive never seen it, if it was last years, then do you think i could see it in the outlet chanel malls? it sounds great though, do you have a picture? i dont have much to carry in a bag, which is why size isnt too much of a problem, just a wallet, cell, keys, a tube of lip gloss and maybe an ipod if it could.
  4. I didn't even know there were Chanel outlet malls! LOL. I'm not sure if they'll have the exact style, as it was an S/S 05 item, but Chanel often has bags in the same size. It is quite small, if your wallet is not a long one then it will probably fit everything. I normally use it only in the evenings.


    This bag was $995 in the US. I paid $1200 CAD for it, the lambskin version, the caviar version was $1175.
  5. too cute!

    is the caviar the lusterous one? i didnt know they made a 'non shiny' its nice, very classy, and that price in under 1000! so i like that already! maybe i can sell my burberry and group up some money and buy it.. hmm
  6. The caviar is the pebbly one, if you still have the pics of the wallet I sent you that is a closeup of the caviar leather. The lambskin is much softer and mroe luxurious looking, but it's easy to scratch. =(
  7. About a month ago I bought a black classic flap bag at the Chanel store on Spring Street in New York City. I love it! It is very soft.
  8. I paid $1,750 for it.
  9. You are right, Raspberry, the lambskin will get scratched. The SA told me when I store my bag to wrap the chain in cloth so it will not leave an imprint on the leather. She said that can happen if it is store for a long time with the chain pressed against the leather.
  10. If the bag you're talking about is the one Raspberry posted, it's not going to be at the Chanel outlet in Woodbury.

    Raspberry, GORGEOUS bag. I just want to reach my hands into the computer screen and e-steal it. So pretty!
  11. oh damn, but then waht bags do they have there then? im just looking for a simple single flap or even a zip bag with nothing special just in black or red.
  12. i want to check out that woodbury place soon.