Chanel Silver metallic luxury line bowler...

  1. I found 1 at Saks Beverly Hills today--was so torn between the red, bronze and the silver--so crazy that they had a silver and I almost passed on it cos i thought it may be too loud or gaudy...

    will take pics later!

    also picked up a gold Chanel belt bag :smile:
  2. so you bought the silver?

    Don't leave us hanging!! We must see pics at once! LOL!
  3. is it the matte red or is there a new shinier red available for fall?
  4. I will post pics tonight--been running around, but question

    wat do most ppl think they like best btw:

    -silver metallic
    -coral red from Spring 2006 (which is the one I saw at Saks and was debating btw)
    -black metallic

    People seem to LOVE the silver metallic and I do too but I wasnt sure if it was a weird color for a day/everyday bag and if it was too in your face and u'll get tired of it--I was so tempted to get the bronze but i dunno....
  5. Which one did you get? Can't wait to see pix!
  6. Wow, can't I believe you found one, I heard the were totally sold out!
    Can't wait to see pix!
  7. I chose the flap in matallic because I prefer that, next would be in this order, bronze, silver or the gold one then red, but not that coral red, their true red they had.
  8. I like the black metallic best.
  9. I just tested out the silver hobo at my Saks today and it is beautiful ! I love it ! You should get the silver . My SA said he could still get the black easily . They had the large bowler in blk , I liked that too . The silver would look great with jeans , which is just about what I live in .
  10. ^There's a hobo? I don't think I've ever seen that.
  11. Its cute ! It's not real big , flaps over and has the chain with stitching around the flap CC's on front of flap . I'll probably buy it tommorow , since you told me your's hasn't rubbed off ( the color that is ) . I'll take a picture of it if I do ... too bad I can't keep it ! Maybe I'll keep it and sell my pink prada ? Decisions , desicions ......
  12. Are you sure that's a hobo? Sounds like my Luxe Flap. . .
    I'll post mine:
    DSCF1336.jpg DSCF1347.jpg
  13. Yes , thats it . The SA called it a hobo ? I swear sometimes some of these people ....he ordered me the wrong wallet three times awhile back . There is another guy there that is great , but he hasn't been there in awhile .

    But thats it , and I love it ! He actually was trying to convince me to buy a purse that was almost a thousand dollars less ! You'd think we were married.....if he liked women that is ! LOL .
  14. ^LOL! It's definitely called the Flap! ;) It's SOOO comfy!

    I actually went in looking for a bag $1k less and walked out w/ this one! It's hard to leave Chanel w/o a Luxe bag! :yes:
  15. Okies finally updated with pics :smile:
    Heres the silver metallic medium bowler





    And then the Chanel belt bag in gold metallic but its a beige gold so not too "bling bling"

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