Chanel Silver Cotton Club Tote -- on hold!

  1. Hey ladies!
    I have the silver cotton club tote on hold at Chanel botique in SF. I unfortunately have decided to turn it down bc i just bought the cambon tote (which i still need to post pics of...but I definitely need to first hit the gym:roflmfao:) It is on hold under the name Evelyn. If you are interested in the bag, call Carrie at the Chanel Botique and just tell her that Evelyn had given you her info! here's the number 415-981-1566

    Ladies, snatch it up quick! there is a waiting list on this bag i believe!

    Also, if one of you love ladies do buy the bag, will you please leave a post on this thread so the other ladies do not have to call to ask. Thanks!
  2. if carrie is not there today, try asking for Scott!