Chanel Silver Coco Cabas

  1. Hi, I'm thinking about getting this bag and was wondering what those of you who own it, think of it? Do you think silver is in for this fall/winter or is it more for the spring/summer? Also, is this bag supposed to have the little cc medallion hanging from it? I am new to chanel, so any advice/info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:smile:)

  2. I love my silver cabas. I am usually not a metallic person, but this color is subtle and actually a great neutral. I think you could wear it all year. It does have the CC medallion.
  3. There is one on Ann's Fabulous Finds, but it does not have a medallion. Is this what yours looks like?

  4. Oh, no. I have the leather one. I am not familiar with this bag at all. Maybe someone else will chime in who does.
  5. Yes, the one in the listing is like the one I have. The small "baby" cabas.