Chanel sidepacks - yay or nay?

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  1. I wasn’t following Chanel recently and just stumbled across this style on the web today.

    I don’t get this style.... can the bag be worn separately?

    What’s your thoughts? Yay or nay?

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  2. I saw people actually wearing this on the street. It's a big NAY. It's so weird. And not elegant. The ones who bought and wear this must be just showing she's on trend. I wouldn't pay for this.
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  3. They can't be worn separately. While the front buckle can open up to release the straps, the back buckle can't open so they're stuck together.

    Hard NAY.
  4. Nay! When I was buying a bag last month several people came into the boutique and looked at this bag because they had it on display up front. They all thought it was a mini and wanted the bag separately. When they were told it couldn’t be separated and the price, their faces were priceless [emoji23] Hard no from me too.
  5. It's a no from me, too.
  6. Haha I am glad it is not just me that doesn’t like this bag:lol:. I can’t yet find a word to describe it - it’s not elegant nor classic nor edgy.
  7. Would love to see those customers’ expressions. must be funny
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  8. Nope I don't get it. Who wants to walk around with two bags hanging from both of your sides? Looks like you are strapped in some type of harness.
  9. Definitely a nay... so weird
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  10. If you have twins (babys) than you can put your milkbottle in each of them and you are a cool cowboy Chanel mummy
    For me also a Nay, sorry
  11. Haha! As a new mama, I did think about this. One pouch for baby’s snacks and the other for mama’s snacks [emoji23][emoji173]️ Outside of that, how is it functional or practical?
  12. Pass.
  13. I have a feeling that the young me would have loved it.

    I'm quite happy to be a grown-up now, I just look at it and know that I would never remember which side I put what and drive myself crazy plus it's kind of hippy unless you don't have any and wouldn't be the most flattering if you are well endowed in the chest area too
  14. It's not good is it? It's a definite no from me too. This one will most probably be relegated to the back somewhere like the girl bag (hopefully).
  15. And don’t forget the backpack LOL
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