Chanel shoulder bag arrived

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  1. Well, the Chanel shoulder bag I've been waiting for arrived at my house today. It is in black caviar leather. It is gorgeous! I have to wait until DH comes home tomorrow to post pics. I was hoping I wasn't going to like it so much because I really love the Ferragamo Gancio shoulder bag, and I can only get one. Has anyone else seen the Chanel shoulder bag? It has one shoulder strap with a silver buckle-type thing on the strap. It has the two large CCs on the front, and it has the diamond pattern. It has one main zipper closure across the top. It is almost square in shape. I haven't seen a pic of it posted anywhere. If you have seen this bag what are your thoughts on it? Should I keep it or return it and get the Ferragamo Gancio shoulder bag in black? Here's a pic of the Ferragamo bag from NM's website in a different color. Please help me decide.
  2. I prefer the Chanel if it's the one I'm thinking of. . . is it the one Pursegalsf and Cristina have?
  3. It's actually not a tote bag. It is a "purse" type of shoulder bag. It only has one shoulder strap not two like the totes have.
  4. hmmmmm . . . have NO idea!
    Does it have a flap?
  5. No flap. It just zippers across the top.
  6. I'm intrigued!
  7. LOL! Are we the only ones here?
  8. I'm here, but I have no idea which bag she's describing.:weird:
  9. I haven't seen pics of it posted anywhere. It really is very pretty. NM in my area had it in gold metallic caviar. I wanted it in black. They found a black one in Washington D.C. and sent it to me. It's a true shoulder bag for every day. It is definitely not an evening type of bag. I'll post pics tomorrow. It definitely is NOT a tote bag.
  10. Can't wait to see pics! Love love the Ferragamo though!
  11. ^^Do you mind if I ask the price?
    Maybe that'll help me figure out the style.
  12. The price tag reads $1,295
  13. I don't think I've seen the Chanel you're talking about - would love to see a pic. In the meantime - even though I really like the Ferragamo, it is their signature style which means it should continue to be available in some yummy color - whereas, the Chanel might be a one shot style.
  14. It's not a luxury line item?
  15. It does not look like it belongs to that line to me. Also, the shoulder strap is solid leather. It is not a chain.