chanel short hills

  1. I'm planning on buying my first chanel in the next 2 weeks, but I was wondering for those members who shop @ short hills, can you recommend me any SA's? Preferibly from the Chanel store and not nm. :smile: And their contact info if you have it!

    Thanks, I was just at Neimans today but I felt like their entire staff is incompetent, honestly it's not the first time their costumer service was horrible.

    ps, I'm buying the classic black lambskin flap & gold hardware. And, I think it was quoted at approx $2190?
  2. There are several nice ones there. I've spoken to Naomi, Julia, Paul and Mike. They were all great. Nick was the best, but he left :sad:.
  3. I've worked with Naomi, Julia and Paul and they were all very nice. If you go to NM, ask for Irena. I believe she is the manager in the Chanel dept and is the most knowledgeable, IMO.
  4. Irena at NM will find anything you want. Also Naomi is great at the Chanel store good luck!!!
  5. I would ask for Miriam, she is truly helpful and knowledgible
  6. OK, Paul has left the company. He was my SA. I work with Naomi and she is very helpfull. She can get you the bag that you want. That NM is really horrible with customer service.
  7. If you go to NM ask for Sheryl. She is wonderful. Marta left for bergdorf so the DSA is up for grabs.
    Go to Carlos at Chanel hes wonderful too. He used to work at NM in shoes.
  8. I agree Carlos is pretty cool! He helped me with shoes before.
  9. Hi
    Milla is so sweet and helpfull :smile: at NM
  10. i have worked with Naomi from the chanel boutique and she is perfect! she helped me locate some HTF bags and always calls when a new bag comes out.
  11. Naomi at chanel is great and so is Sheryl at NM . Irena hasnt worked at NM for over a year....she was excellent :sad: