Chanel shopping

  1. Alrightee i have a quick question. Can you order from and if so how? Are there any other online options for chanel shopping? Any help would be great =) Thanks!;)
  2. You can call them directly, and they can order or locate a bag, but the website itself does not sell bags. Your choices are very minimal on-line, as the big department stores also do not sell Chanels on-line.

  3. Thank u! Does that apply with the sunglasses too??
  4. I don't think you can, but hopefully one of the other girls can confirm. It's kinda weird because you can also buy Chanel merchandise thru for example, Neimans cataloge , but they don't offer it on their webpage.
  5. ^^I'd suggest going to lenscrafters for chanel glasses. THey have so many promotions and such its a shame not to buy a pair!
  6. I don't believe you can purchase ANYTHING Chanel online except for maybe cosmetics at NM or such.