Chanel shopping trip

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  1. Question for all the ladies here if I may...

    On Wednesday I am going to the Chanel store... I am thinking at the moment of either a beautiful classic Jumbo, a gorgeous Boy or a sexy Cerf Tote! :smile:

    If YOU were coming to the Chanel store with me on Wednesday, what would YOU be looking for? :smile:) xx
  2. well, that would depend on what bags were in my collection already. personally, my choice would be jumbo, boy, cerf tote.
  3. Boy & WOC. Happy shopping :biggrin:
  4. I still haven't seen the fuschia lambskin IRL, so I'd be looking for anything in that color. I'd also want to see the metallic boys and try them on. Not sure if they suit me.
  5. Metallic boy or turquoise lamb jumbo!
  6. You realise of course that I am going to ask the SA for each of the ones listed on this thread and if they have them, will photograph each of them for you all :smile: x
  7. Hmmmm.... something red....

    Classic Maxi Flap and 227 reissue. :smile:
  8. This coin purse/card holder because I can't find it anywhere in the US!
    If you are based in London, could u help me see if they have this coin purse if you don't mind? I might be able to get someone help me buy it n bring it over next month if it's available in London. Thanks!

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  9. I have made a note of it Valentine2014
    I will take a photo with me and ask about it whilst I am there for you :smile: x
  10. thanks!!! :biggrin:
  11. Is this the right one Valentine 2014? (If correct I will take these photos with me) x

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  12. Yes!Yes!Yes! :smile: It's exactly the one I have been searching high n low for in the US but to no avail- black lambskin SHW. I love it so much! :smile: TIA!
  13. In which case you MAY be in luck! :smile: May I pm you please? x
  14. Fuschia woc in Lambskin!
  15. #15 Mar 10, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2014
    I think I might just be starting to drool…. :lol::yahoo: x

    Apparently the new stock is on the floor as from Wednesday… hence my visit :smile: x