Chanel shopping splurge - multi-reveal!

  1. Congrats so nice and you're so lucky! The red flap is beautiful and very tempting :smile:
  2. gorgeous sunnies! Just wondering, is this 12A? I've never seen such a sunny case before!
  3. OOOOH MY GOSH THIS IS GORGEOUS!!! Do the sunglasses come with silver chain detail do you know?
  4. Love all your purchases, congrats!
  5. Amazing congrats:love::ps:
  6. omg!!! love them all. The 12A red is amazing. Can i have the code for the credit card holder and how much euro is it?
    thank you
  7. Nice nice nice! How much is the 12A red in Euros? Amazing!: )
  8. Thanks to everyone for your positive reinforcement and lovely comments!
    Love coming on to TPF and reading everyone else's Chanel reveals and intel, it definitely helps enable me when I start thinking about thinking my next purchase ;)
  9. Not sure whether the sunnies are part of 12A but Chanel have definitely started using the smooth case for their more recent sunglasses. Hope that helps! :smile:
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  11. I don't know if they are available online, I saw them at the Chicago Neiman Marcus, but wanted a fresh pair so they are being sent from another store. They are $550.
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    Not sure what the code for the credit card holder is because the store removed the tag but the receipt says 80008080014 800 8001 1 if that helps.

    It cost $295 Canadian dollars at Holt Renfrew (Canadian department store).
  13. All of the chain detailed glasses came out for 12P. I have prescription glasses in black silver chain too!
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    The 12a red M/L cost 3100 euros. As I was a tourist, I qualified for the 12% VAT refund so I ended up paying just under $3400 which is $2000 cheaper than what the M/L currently costs in my country. Such a great price!
  15. Go to and look at the full collection available. You will see all the chain variations :smile:
    I love this eyewear collection too