chanel shopping in Seattle

  1. Hi ladies..

    I am about to make my first Chanel purchase and I really need your help PLEASE.

    After reading so many threads, btw thanks so much they are all so helpful, it sounds like locating the purse I want, (black or red caviar jumbo or medium large classic flap), is almost impossible. I live in Vancouver and am planning on going down to Seattle for a shopping trip next month.. i was hoping to get the purse then..

    What do you suggest?
    should I contact a SA in Seattle in advance??

    Would a SA locate and hold a bag for a random stranger like me?

    Do you know the contact for SA, email perhaps??

    i'm asking too many questinos here, i'm sorry..

    Thanks so much in advance!! :heart:
  2. I assume you are referring to the Chanel shop in the Seattle Nordstrom. I was just in the store tonight. I have never seen a red cavier classic flap and it would be in my hands now if there was one. There were at least 1 and maybe 2 medium black flaps in the store tonight but I did not look closely to see if they were cavier. The one I recall had gold hardware. I suggest that you call and ask what they have. I am pretty sure they would hold something for a day or so. Does the Chanel in Vancouver not carry the flap?
  3. Yes they will look for a bag and hold it for you.:yes:
    Call Nordstrom Chanel and ask for Denise, she's the best!!