Chanel Shopping in Los Angeles

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  1. I will be traveling to Los Angeles at the end of this month (for the first time:smile:) and I would like to purchase my first Chanel while I am there. I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on the best place to go, for the best selection and the friendliest service (whether that be a dept. store or boutique). I will be staying in Diamond Bar. Thanks!
  2. Hi,

    I think the closet Chanel boutique to you will be at South Coast Plaza, which is the mall located in Costa Mesa. There is also a bloomingdale's in SCP that carries Chanel too. I highly recommend Yoshiko from the boutique and Kazue from Bloomingdale's. Have fun in Southern California!
  3. I always buy my Chanels from Neimans. I have a wonderful SA in the BH location and one in Newport if you're interested :smile:
  4. South Coast Plaza, Pam Greer would be most helpful for you. Tell her Maria from Palm Desert referred you. I find the SA's at Beverly Hills a little stuck up. Saks on Wilshire also has a good selection. Good Luck
  5. izybeli, do you know if bloomingdales would charge me tax, since I live in Texas and there is no bloomingdales here? Thanks!
  6. South Coast Plaza is awesome, but it's a bit to travel from LA... Why not check out the boutiques on Robertson Blvd or Rodeo Drive? Then there are tons of department stores in the Beverly Hills area that are sure to carry Chanel....
  7. I found the SAs in the Robertson Blvd boutique to be very helpful and friendly.
  8. I think the nicest SAs I've met are from the Robertson Boulevard store. Definitely go to Beverly Hills and shop around because Robertson is near BH and there's also a Chanel store in Saks so in that little area, there are three Chanel stores and there's a good chance that you will find what you're after in one of the three stores. SCP does have two chanel stores but I agree that it's a little far to drive and it's not near the 10 freeway or the 22 freeway that's connected to the 10 and so there's quite a distance by freeway and surface roads before you get to SCP. Have fun shopping though, wherever you choose to go!
  9. I got my very first Chanel from the Rodeo Drive Chanel. The SAs there are super friendly. As for bloomingdales, I bet they won't charge you tax if you have it shipped to yourself! Try that, it usually works for me. Good luck and have a great trip to LA.
  10. I recommend the Chanel Boutique on Robertson Blvd, the SAs are great. If you can ask for Pedro, he's awesome!