Chanel Shopping in Japan

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I'm leaving for Tokyo next week, then to Hong Kong...I was hoping some of you ladies who live or frequent there would be able to give me some pointers as to where to go for the BEST Chanel handbag selections. TIA!! :smile:
  2. U goin tokyo, so nice, i hope i can be there.....if you happen to see any red classic caviar flap & anniversary grey reissue size 227 at a consignment shop, do keep me posted (hope you don't mind). However, i hope you have a good trip there and great shopping as well.
  3. there's better collection at Kowloon side than HK side if you want something nice
  4. Sure, no problem! I understand how hard it is to track down those took me FOREVER to find my grey reissue in 227 as well! I will definitely be scouting those consignment stores for these gems. Will keep you posted! ;)
  5. nice...I just bought Japanese Magazine since Im looking for the vintage flap in XL size and Here's what I found at Japanese magazine, you can find the address on the website..maybe..: Phone: 06 4304 2000 Phone: 075 441 6000 Phone: 0120 783 001

    hope this help!
  6. Thanks, you are wonderful...i think there is another consignment shop where you can check out as well, i'm not sure if it's located in tokyo. Here is their online website :

    There is another one which i need to go back and check, will advise later when i'm home:love:
  7. As for hongkong, below are some consignment shops besides Milan station (which i think you know), not sure abt the other one (is it italy station, maybe i'm wrong..hehe), i forgot as i heard this is also popular, here are their websites which i haven't been yet so far:
  8. Enjoy your time in Tokyo and Hong Kong. I absolutely love Tokyo and been there twice.
    Unfortunately, all those websites of consignment shops above are not in Tokyo.
    Here's one to get you started, they have a few of these consignment shops in Tokyo in different suburbs.
    It's called Komehyo. You can click to see the address and phone numbers on the side.
    Good luck!
  9. For consignment stores in HK, go to Times Square at Causeway bay (you could take a train), within walking distance, you should be able to comb a few consignment stores, there are Milan Station (which is the most popular one), and Paris Station or France Station/Italy Station/VIP Station are all opposite Milan station, located in the small streets... (Percival Street) (At Pak Sha Road) (the address and map don't look right to me, but it's around there)

    Please buy with caution.
  10. No disrespect to Milan Station but you have to really know your Chanel bags before you venture into one of its branches. I have seen fake bags in there, granted they're not expensive so I guess they must have figured out that they've got a fake. Usually those they lock up in glass cabinets are the real deal but they have a price tag to match.

    I generally find the stock in the Milan Station in Central interesting.
  11. Thank you ladies for all the info...keep it coming! :tup:
  12. Yes, please make sure you bring a few authen. tips with you when you buy in these shops... there are a few Milan Station branches in HK, the better ones are the ones at Central (near Lan Kwai Fong) and causeway bay.
  13. For browsing, you have to visit the Ginza flagship store. It has a wall of chain belts!!!! I love chain belts so the first time I saw it, I was gobsmacked! Plus there are always interesting exhibits on the top floor. If you are looking for bags from one or two or even three seasons ago, as already mentioned by others, the concession at Isetan in Shinjuku is the place to go. The price however is at least 30% higher than US or HK so that place (in fact any Chanel boutiques/concessions in Japan) is really your "last resort" place!

    As for Hong Kong, the more popular Chanel gets, the more difficult it is for plain Janes like me to get the bags I want. And since the price between US and HK appear to be comparable, if you see anything you fancy in HK, just buy it!:graucho: Generally, the bags which are hot in Hong Kong may not necessarily be that hot in US and vice versa.

    Good luck!
  14. Miffy, I totally agree with ya!!! :yes:

    Thanks for the tip about Milan Station too! Luckily, I haven't bought anything there as they charge way too much compared to the Chanel boutiques!

  15. secret tip: check out the Chanel store at the HK airport, they always had something the city doesn't have......