Chanel shopping in Hong Kong

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  1. I went to the Lee Garden Chanel Shop yesterday and they have the following stocks:

    Black Patent Luxury Tote (Large and small)
    Black Patent Luxe Bowler
    Coco's Croco Reissue (red/ black) satin/ cotton
    Coco's Croco Large Flap Bag (similar to the Large Flap Bubble Quilt) in Black Satin/Cotton
    Padded Envelope (Large in Grey, Small in White)
    Classic Timeless Flap (medium black caviar), Lambskin (medium beige)
    Cambon (medium and large in all black)
    Jumbo Reissue in Beige genuine Croco leather ( the price is US$25,600 ). It's expensive but is super rare and gorgeous!

  2. shopgirl bb,Thanks your info.I like Jumbo Reissue in Beige genuine Croco leather.
  3. Thanks for ur information.
  4. Thanks! How much in HK$ is the black patent luxe bowler??
  5. is padded envelop = bubbles effect or cloud effect?
    i want to buy de bubbles one. where i can find it now?
  6. It's around HK$21,000.

  7. It's not the same. Attached is a photo of the padded envelop. HK only has the grey color.

    The bubble quilt (Cloudy effect) has been sold out a long time ago. It's difficult to get it in Asia.

    Padded Envelope.JPG
  8. Does anyone know how much (HKD) the Classic Timeless Flap (medium black caviar) is? 'Cause i'm going to HK next month... Thanks!
  9. How much is the GST in HK now?
  10. Does it only comes it one size now?

    Did you manage to see any patent flaps? TIA
  11. My SA at Nieman Marcus, Tampa Bay, Florida has a patent classic flap as of 9 October 2007. The price is (I think) US$ 2,395. You will be charged US$ 50 international shipping if you do not live in the US (but of couse, no US tax to be paid). Pls see the black one in the pic... Let me know if you want details of the SA, she is one of the best SA! Goodluck!
  12. I think it's about HK$17,000. (I bought the Jumbo Black Caviar in Hong Kong 3 weeks ago and the price is HK$17,900).But on 1 Nov, there will be a 20% price increase on all the Timeless Classic.

  13. Meow,

    There's no patent flap in Hong Kong now. Don't know whether they will have any re-order later.

    We only have the small and medium flap, lambskin and caviar, in black and beige only. Unlike in the US, we only have very limited colors and leather to choose.

  14. Thanks for the info!

    I bought the large Luxury Tote as my reporter (my fave Chanel bag xxxxxxxxx) is not big enough to hold my laptop.

    Generally the collection in Hong Kong is a bit disappointing. I tend to order direct from Paris.
  15. Hi Meena, I just PM you!