Chanel shopping in Berlin

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  1. I will be in Berlin over easter and wondered if anyone had any info about what stock they have in - anything new and fabulous which should have my name on it please?! Info greatly appreciated! ;)
  2. Ok I didn't get a response so thought I'd report in case anyone is looking for any of the below:
    In KaDeWe:
    • metallic black reissue (new style with 2 compartments) w gold h/w
    • both colours (black and white and purple swirl) in the satin button flap (pic from catalogue below for reference) both with silver h/w
    • very long thin blue metallic flap w silver h/w
    • 2 styles of coco's puzzle in black patent - the classic flap and the larger flap over version
    In the Ku'damm boutique:
    • loads of classic flaps in most colours and sizes incl navy
    • jumbo tweed stripe
    • jumbo tweed in red/ cream colour (same as navy below for ref)
    • purple metallic wallet
    • black metallic wallet
    • new east west collection also in a tan colour i hadn't seen before
    ...and there was a white metallic reissue there but i bought that home hehe.

    RTW was also amazing - they had the full star print top and shorts ensemble and the tweed jacket all in the pic below as well as another amazing dark red jacket with lots of chains attached.

    and it was very cold!! :yes:

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  3. Hi TPFers. I am traveling to Berlin this week. I will be staying near the famous KaDeWe store which has a Chanel boutique in it. I love getting back the tax and not paying duties. It's like you almost HAVE to buy something while you are there. But what should it be? The only Chanel I currently own is a black reissue (bought in Paris) and some new tweed espadrilles. My current wish list includes a Chanel jacket, boy bag, and a WOC. But I'm up for any suggestions, including colors. So let me know what you think.
  4. I went there last year and bought a woc. It was great. I had a really nice SA. You'll love it. Enjoy your trip
  5. I bought a square mini there and the SA's were wonderful. Have a great time! They had a lovely selection of WOCs.
  6. Does anyone have a SA contact for Chanel in Berlin? Please share if you do. Thanks
  7. I’m interested as well! Thanks!
  8. I’ll be going to Berlin Germany this July and I’m hoping to score a mini, preferably a caviar one. Otherwise I’d like to get a beige or grey Lambskin one or black chevron with GHW.
    I know that the next round of minis will most likely be released in July.
    Question: How likely or easy/difficult will it be to score a mini in Berlin? Which boutiques has better stock - KaDeWe or the flagship boutique? What’s the likelihood that Chanel will release caviar minis next season?
    Do SA’s reserve items there for tourists if I was to contact him/her a couple weeks prior to my visit?

    Thanks for your replies.
  9. Anyone??
  10. Usually, minis do come in March, July, November if I am right, so timing-wise, July is not a bad month to score a mini.

    However, the next season's will only have lamb minis, no caviar as they mainly focused on caviar minis the last years. At least this is what I was told by my store manager which was in line with what we saw for the last 2 mini releases (no caviar, lamb only). Hence, don't expect to find any caviar minis in summer but make sure to check out the forum in case there is a change in strategy.

    Regarding stock, I would not recommend going to KaDeWe (also their service is lacking...), but shops usually only reserve stock for local regular customers, if at all. Might still be worth a try, but I guess timing is key.

    Good luck and enjoy your trip!
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  11. I'm planning a trip to central Europe in late November and there's a high chance I'll be in Berlin at some point. I'm thinking getting a black classic flap (I'm flexible about size, hardware and leather). What are my odds of being able to get one in Berlin?
    Other potential stops with Chanel boutiques are Vienna and CDG airport, so trying to figure which location has the best potential of getting what I want (and best deal).
  12. Thanks so much for your reply. Will make sure to go to the Ku’damm boutique first and hope that I’ll get lucky there. Would you know if Chanel has camera bags in caviar? If I can’t get a mini, I wouldn’t mind a camera bag.
  13. Sorry, I fear I don't have an answer, at least on predicting what might be available at that time. The boutique is quite large so their stock usually is good, but of course this will differ and Berlin has lots of tourists visiting the stores, especially during summer time. There should be a caviar camera bag, though, not only lamb :smile:
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  14. Hi does anyone know when the new collection is released in Germany?
  15. I was told next Friday (7.6.).
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