Chanel Shopper In Canada

  1. Well...For those who live in Canada and loves Chanel knows that there arent many selection available in Canada. Unlike US there is tons of style and color available. So my question is :
    1. has anyone ever order a Chanel bag in US and have them shipped over to Canada?
    2. How much custom tax is need to be paid?
    3. And, by ordering from US and have it shipped to Canada does it cost more than the retail pricing in Canada??

    thanks............!! I want to find a PST but my sales say that there is no PST avaiable in CANADA :crybaby:
  2. ????
  3. 1. Yes.

    2. Depends on a lot of factors - what shipping carrier they use, value of the bag. At a minimum if your package gets stopped at customs, you'll have to pay GST/PST plus the handling fee. If they use a courier, you'll have to pay the COD and brokerage fees, which vary based on the price of the item. You may also need to pay duty, which is around 12% for leather items.

    3. Again, hard to tell. Customs is unpredicable as to whether your package will get stopped or not. But, if it's something you want and you can't get here, you don't have much of a choice and just be prepared to pay the extra fees. Your other option is to just go shopping when you travel, which is what I usually do :yes:
  4. You can call Neiman Marcus and ask to speak to someone in Chanel. They can search for you to find the bag you want. You will pay duty, and it isn't cheap, but it's one way to get a bag you want! (I did it with a re-issue because I wanted it really badly. It cost about $400 for duty and taxes.)

    Alternately, you could call a Holt Renfrew store. It might be worth asking to see if someone can track a bag down for you--if you check the H.R. website, the phone numbers for each store are available.

    Best of luck! :smile:
  5. ^^ I agree. Sometimes it gets stuck in Customs and sometimes it goes right through. I've had both happen to me. I've been charged the full amount in duty and other times, a nominal amount. It's always a surprise.

    You may have to do the math... calculate the exchange rate, at the time of purchase, the carrier costs and the most you will have to pay in duty and fees (around $400... but that is quite high so you may be pleasantly surprised when you are asked to pay less.)

    You may break even or pay just a bit more.
  6. thx for all the advice!!! sigh why do we have to pay so much duty tax in canada!
  7. I just received my timeless clutch that I ordered from NM Troy.

    Here's the break down of my costs:
    1. $895 USD (cost of the bag) + $50 USD (shipping)
    2. $945 USD --> $1120 CAD (conversion rate + the CC foreign exchange markup)
    3. Duties for a leather handbag is 10.5%
    4. GST is 6%
    5. PST is 8% (I'm in Toronto)
    6. Brokerage Fee is 1.6%

    In total I paid about $1400 for the bag.
  8. whoa, looks like after my friend leaves the states, i won't be buying chanel anymore.