Chanel shoesssss :P

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  1. Sorry for the big pics!





    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm for those of you following up, I'm going to get my purse after finals sooooo not for another week :P :lol:

    LOL I'm so addicted to shoes!!!!... I was going to put it in the shoe forum but I saw a thread before here about shoes :P
  2. nice shoes :smile:
  3. LOL thanks!!!

    When my SA pointed it out, I didn't think I liked them, but they look great worn!! ;)

    Ummm maybe I can take a pic with me wearing them lol
  4. Cute shoes! They'll be great for summer! Congrats~
  5. Cute! Yes a photo please on them on your feet!
  6. Thanks! I took more pics so you guys can have a better idea:

  7. Oh wow! Those are swanky!
  8. thanks!! :smile:
    I love how comfortable they are and casual enough to wear with anything :smile:
  9. Would you be willing to reveal the price? I LOVE these!
    ANy other colors?

    Feel totally free to tell me to buzz off! LOL!
  10. Oh its no prob, the chanel sandals were $555 before tax ;)
    And I got them at NM (well.. you can see the bag in the first pic lol)

    So not too bad ;)

    Btw- I didn't see any other colors at my NM, but I think they come in other colors. I can also ask my SA when I see him on tuesday and ask him and let you know! :smile:
  11. Oh wow! I'd love to know if they came in other flavors!
    I didn't notice the bag . . . but as a fellow Mommy, I did notice the Build a Bear box! LOL!
  12. awwww lol, so cute!! Nah, the build a bear was a present my bf gave me when the store opened at the Mall of America! They looked soooo cute!! But, I dont have any children yet! ;) hehe. But hopefully one day!!

    But I do have toys everywhere on the floor because I have a puppy that got on my way when I was trying to take pictures:

    ^ He's that big blur of black fur LOL

    So I will post here and/or PM you when my SA tells me on tuesday! ;)
  13. Those are pretty! :love: I love the color combination.
  14. Beautiful shoes! I can see those with a nautical-inspired outfit.
  15. oooh i really like them! congrats on gorgeous shoes! soo hot!
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