Chanel shoes!!

  1. Has anyone seen these shoes anywhere? Or are they an older style? I LOVE them...:heart:

    Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Have not seen them anywhere, but I think its beautiful.
  3. oh those are cuuute! Love the ankle bracelet straps!
    Never seen them :sad: sorry.
  4. I know, aren't they gorgeous? I hope its possible to find them somewhere!
  5. I've never seen them, but they are so cute! I hope you find them!:yes:
  6. Never seen them before! Try calling Chanel 800 number and see what they say! They're super cute!!!! Good luck!
  7. Wow! Is that a recent photo?
  8. No, I think it's not a recent picture. I have seen it before.

    I Love those shoes. I have been trying to find a pair of cream with black Chanel MaryJane's (in leather) on eBay in my size forever, but no luck so far.:crybaby: