Chanel Shoes

  1. Where can I find Chanel Black ballet style (I'm sure there is a "name" for them) flats? I like the black patent on black. Are they still in stores or is there a website I should check?
  2. They are called Cambon. They are not online unless you're looking on ebay. Chanel is not sold online. Any website that tells you they are selling Chanel online is not real. Stay away. I would call NM and have them do a search or call Chanel for the same.
  3. Thank you. I knew I'd find help here. I'll was tempted to search the net - so I will stay away. Again - thank you.
  4. No problem! We're always here to help. :yes:
  5. My NM had some yesterday at the luncheon.
    Look up NM in Plano, TX - the Shops of Willowbend.
  6. I will call tomorrow. Again, thank you girls. I love this forum!

  7. Chanel boutique in Millenia Mall in Orlando, FL. I spotted one this past weekend.

    Oh, and they're called the Ligne Cambon Ballerina flats.
  8. I spoke with Jerry at Neiman's in Plano and he is going to track down a pair in my size... I can't wait....
  9. Thank you again. My shoes arrived from NM Plano, TX. The SA was a great help and I LOVE my shoes.:wlae:
  10. congrats! did you post pics? lol

    jerry? does he work at the LV counter... maybe not...... i think i saw him before... he walked by with a handful of LV bags for their display :biggrin:
  11. I will have to figure out the pix thing... and I will.

    Turns out his name is Jay - Not Jerry.
  12. would it be too difficult to find one white cc on black?

  13. Call the 800 Chanel number. They were able to locate that color combo for me.
  14. I just received a NM catalog today and these babies are tempting me

  15. the chanel store at the houston galleria had some when i went yesterday :yes: i was sooooooooo tempted! :crybaby: