Chanel shoes

  1. Are they comfortable? How long do they last?
  2. i only have chanel sneakers but i love them. very comfortable. i bought them only a few months ago, so i can't say how long they will last. but so far, so good.
  3. I have a pair of Chanel ankle strap pumps and they are great. The best thing is that there is a teensy bit of elastic hidden behind the strap buckle where you can't see it. But it allows the strap to give just a bit when you walk. Oh, they have velvet toe caps and the inside is lined in velvet! So yummy to put your foot in!
  4. I have a pair of Chanel T-Strap Mary Jane flats...and I love them. They cost so much that I only break them out for special occasions (or, days where I need to feel good about myself).
  5. I have te cambon ballet flats and they are fabulous!
  6. I want the Chanel Cambon Flats! Which color combo do you have?

    I love them but dont want to seem to flashy...
  7. I would LOVE to find Cambon flats to match my bag!!! If any1 ever sees any in pink (size 38), PLEASE let me know!!!
  8. I have a pair of Chanel Cambon flats, they're a really great - love them! :heart:
  9. I have ALOT of Chanel shoes...they are the MOST comfy shoes I own and they hold up the longest-I dont hesitate to spend the money on them cuz they outlast ALL my pradas...blahniks...etc!!!
  10. Chanel Ballet Flats Are So Comfy!