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    Firstly I was just wondering if these are authentic, if they are, are they from the Cruise 07/08 collection? I want the ones from that collection or similiar, does anyone know of any similar from a recent/older collection, oh and if they have one a name? (cruise doesnt come out here until November, and I cant wait :crybaby:), also does anyone know how much they retail for?

    Sorry if this isn't the right place for this thread, I'm new to the Chanel forum.
    Thanks guys.
  2. ^ they seem authentic imo, and check the seller's feedback. she seems to be pretty reliable. do you understand french? her description's in francais.

    anyway, this should go under the 'authenticate this' thread, which is one of the 'primary' threads above on the forum page. fyi :smile:

    (i think the mods will merge this to where it's supposed to be, so don't worry!)
  3. Sorry guys, didn't mean to be any trouble.
    I dont speak french but I used google translator, which worked fairly well.
  4. haha no worries, just be sure to read the rules! i'm new here too ( joined 2 weeks ago ) and i didn't know much before too!

  5. authenticity questions should only be asked in our "Authenticate This! Chanel" sticky already provided for you in the Chanel Shopping Forum.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.