Chanel shoes


Jan 27, 2007
Does anyone else here have a serious fondness for Chanel's shoes?

I loved the Cambon flats so much I tracked down an identical pair on ebay. The shoes I really love are the pumps (or courts whatever you want to call them) Kate Moss wore in the 2004 ad campaign, which I managed to track down unworn on ebay about 6 months ago. There are more but these two really stand out in my mind.

I am not crazy about the evening shoes but I guess those are harder for me to justify than ones I can wear for work. And you?
i am a little obsessed with my classic ballet flats. i have the black with the patent toe and the camel with the black toe. i also have the most gorgeous spectator pumps that are white and black but i haven't worn them yet. they're too perfect and i'm waiting for the right occasion. they're all soooo comfy!
Did someone say Chanel Shoes?? I'm all over those!! LOL

Here's last year's:

Here's this year's:
i love chanel shoes but i never know what size i am going to need which makes it hard to order them via phone or catalog. i have a pair of black ballet flats, chanel sport espadrilles with the tennis-themes print, and black rain boots.
I only own one pair of Chanel shoes and regret purchasing them. I've worn them once, very briefly, before I took them off because of the logos. They are black satin with a gold leather toe cap. There are CC logos on each toe. I'm just not big on logos on shoes, especially since there is usually a CC logo on my purse. I don't want to be too logo-ed out!
I love my Cambon ballet shoes and it is my favorite pair. I rarely bought Chanel shoes. I own many LV and Dior shoes and I would say that Chanel is the most comfy shoes that I have :smile:
ldldb and I have the same amount of Chanel shoes. I have an old picture of all my Chanel shoes, somewhere on this forum, but it's very out of date since I have continued to buy more.

One day, I'll get the energy to take them all out of the closet and line them up to snap a new photo.