Chanel Shoes *PICS*

  1. SA sent these to me. If anyone is interested, please call Lisa Hamlin @ 248-635-8442

  2. LMK if you ladies want the prices.
  3. Savahhah whats the price of the ballet flats I adore them:love:
    the ones in the last pic, lol i just realiserd there are quite a bit of flats in these pics
  4. are these on sale or something?
  5. the navy/white combo is $675, they are super comfy and gorgeous IRL. He he, I love flats!
  6. Hello, I am wondering the one on the very far end on your first pix(4 straps one) and red pump, I would like to know the prices for those two!! Thank you~~~
  7. Are the silver flats next to them the same price? Thanks!
  8. Does your SA ship overseas?
  9. :heart: the middle pair in the first pic
  10. Is the red peep toe pump on sale? What's the price? TIA.
  11. How much are the ones in the first picture (pumps) with the strappy things on them?
  12. Ladies, I will post the princing in a few minutes, putting my son to bed!
  13. Navy Patent with White Toe, Elastic Ballet Flat $675.00 (1157), Silver and gold are the same price

    Ballet Flat All Beige Patent $550.00 (1158)

    Coral, Black Patent Peep Toe with Gold Detail on Ankle $695.00 (1159 and 1160)

    Wooden Platform Sandal Blk/Wht Stripped with Blk. Patent CC on Toe or Navy/Wht. Stripped with Wht. Patent CC $550.00 (1161)

    Black/White Stripped Ballet Flat with Patent CC $550.00 (1162)

    Navy Blue Sandal (I have to check the price)

    Black Elastic Leather with Patent Toe Pump $695.00 (1163)

    Black Leather Peep Toe with Small Yellow CC (checking the price)

    Black Patent with many straps and Gold Platform. $750.00

  14. Thank you Savannah for taking the time to post the photos and prices of these Chanel shoes!
  15. Thank you so much. Of course I want the most expensive ones on the list. :S I was hoping for more of a $500-ish tag. Oh well. Thank you again for giving the info!