CHANEL SHOES-over 50% off-

  1. what did they end up for on sale?

    VERY cute Jill, LOVE the Tod's shoes!
  2. I paid 600 for all 3..including overnight shipping from LV NM..LMAO...couldnt wait to get'em..hee.hee.hee.
  3. Oh WOW!!!!!!!!
  4. Hahaha Jill, I love your posts! Beautiful shoes but that Chanel is superb!

    hmm that would look nice with a beige/black cambon........
  5. Gorgeous shoes! :love:
  6. Love the shoes! I don't blame ya for wanting to get them asap!
  7. hmm, i may call them up. isn't that the nm that takes visa?
  8. ^ yep-ask for Ruby!in shoes.
  9. Love your new shoes - enjoy them
  10. i love the prada and the tod's! congrats!
  11. i love your shoes. thats the price after additional markdowns too i think. what a steal. :girlsigh: