Chanel shoes on sale at Bloomingdales

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  1. I was in Bloomindales on Lexington last night and they had some Chanel platform sandels from this past spring/summer deeply discounted. In black and red satin and also the more strappy black patent leather style. I tried some red ones but they were a little tight on me. Anyways maybe someone here is interested, they were on sale with an additional 40% off - I don't remember the exact $$ b/c they weren't my size but they were a good deal!
  2. Great deal! And this weekend there is an additional 15% off sale items, so presale those shoes!
  3. ^^^
    Wow, I hate it when a SA doesn't tell you that! I just bought some shoes last night...
  4. no bloomies in my area at all :sad:
  5. ^^ me either :sad:
  6. thanks! Will check out the sale this weekend.
  7. Thanks for the info, too bad none of the Bloomies here carry Chanel shoes! :sad:
  8. Thanks! I'm going to head to the Lexington Ave. store tomorrow. AND, Sept. 1st starts the new NYS tax decrease so a little (very little) more of a discount!