Chanel shoes on Ebay

  1. Wow, those are very pretty. Myself, I don't know enough about shoes to authenticate. However, they have an authenticate section for Shoes in the Shoe thread.
  2. Thanks - I thought there was a shoe thread but couldn't find it - just saw it now! Thanks, Lisa
  3. seem real to me

    I have several Chanel shoes and the main shoes that I have seen faked on ebay were shoes with logos on them like the Cambon flats and there have been some boots and other shoes on ebay with huge CCs on them that were fake. I haven't noticed any fakes of Chanel shoes that do not have screaming logos.

    Since they seem to come with the box be sure the box has the label with the size and photo of the shoe and style number. The bottom of Chanels also typically have the Euro size and the CC logo and Made in Italy (though some may possibly be made in France; some of mine I just checked all say Italy)
  4. oh and I forgot to mention that the label on the boxes have been faked on Chanel cambon flats so don't rely on the label alone