Chanel Shoes @ NM - Sale

  1. I know this isn't quite Chanel handbags, so Mods, move it as you see fit, but Neiman Marcus has put some select styles of Chanel shoes on sale. I haven't gotten a chance to go to NM , so I'm not sure which ones, but if you are interested, I would give your SAs a call! :smile: (ps the discount is 30% off i believe)
  2. Hmm I wonder what shoes are on sale ... hopefully the NM SA's on this board will chime in.
  3. This is true, the NM in San Antonio has some.
  4. My NM sa told me that the clear ballet shoes are on sale. I think they are the same ones from the naked flap collection. But thats all that she knew of that was going on sale as far as chanel.
  5. ^^ Wow. That's pretty fast. They haven't been in the stores that long!
  6. yeah, they are 30% off. she sent me a pic to my phone, but I cant upload it :sad:
  7. I asked and was told only Cole Haan would be on sale??
  8. It's the naked ballet flats and naked pumps; they will be 30% off.
  9. Thanks for the info!
    I am not suprised that the naked shoes are already on sale- they didn't seem so popular.
  10. Thats all of the shoes.... the ugly naked ones? hahahaha
  11. Do you know if Chanel Read To Wear includes? TIA
  12. I was at NM tonight. The clear plastic Chanel sandals are on sale for 30% off.
  13. I was there this afternoon-I didn't see any Chanel on sale....just Prada.
  14. Actually got 2 pairs of the naked pumps (black and silver) and quite love them -- now I just need to decide which color to keep!

  15. I was at Saks today and RTW is not on sale - they said June . . .