Chanel shoes - keep or get rid?

  1. Hi ladies, I have these gorgeous Chanel ballerinas which I've had a for a few months but not yet worn because I have some other Chanel flats I've been wearing more. Part of me thinks these are too beautiful to wear so I've been wearing my older flats! I listed them on a site to make some extra cash to spend on bags and now someone has made me a great offer and I'm feeling sellers' remorse. My BF thinks they are pretty but also thinks I should sell them because I have other ballet flats, I haven't worn them yet and someone had made me a good offer, but now I'm having second thoughts because they are so beautiful. I really like them and they fit my narrow feet well. BUT it would be good to have the extra funds for bags! Also, I was trying them on today around the house and for the first time it felt like the elastic was rubbing against the inside of my feet. So could this be a sign that they are going to be really uncomfortable? Does anyone else own these flats? The elastic is not at all tight it just felt like it was rubbing a little. What should I do? Keep them or get rid of them? I just dont want to regret selling them but i dont want to keep uncomfortable shoes either! TIA

    Savvy Mode has them on her blog, hope it's okay to use the link. Mine are the black ones:
  2. if you won;t be using them just sell them off and get something you want.

    when i buy elastic flats i always go a full size up
  3. Thanks Baileylab. I don't think sizing up would work for me. These feel like the perfect fit but I just felt like the elastic would rub. I think if the elastic was coated with leather it would be better but as it's just fabric, I think that's where the problem lies and I don't know if it would get any better.

    I would like to keep them but not if they're going to uncomfortable. It would be a huge waste of money. Does anyone own these flats who could give advice about how the elastic feels when wearing the shoes?
  4. sell it to fund something you like more
  5. Sell!
  6. Thanks ladies. Anyone else? Anyone have experience of these flats?
  7. Personally, I'm not a big fan of elastic ballerinas, but I haven't tried these ones on so I can't really say.

    But I vote sell it! Bags and wallets are much more worth it than shoes, they wear away too easily!
  8. Few months without wearing them?? Sell! Its obviously not love :smile: you will be happier with something else!
  9. I just tried these on the other day and didn't find them to be that comfortable. They are cute, but if you don't love them and are holding on to them because they are Chanel-sell them and get something you can't wait to wear.

    I bet there is some cute resort and winter styles still coming....
  10. I know it sounds like I don't love them because I haven't worn them yet but I actually bought them in the winter and it was too cold to wear them then. Then I started feeling guilty because they were just sitting in the box which got me onto thinking the money could be better spent!
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    I actually couldn't wait to wear them when I first bought them but it was winter time and too cold, so they sat in the box which made me feel guilty. What didn't you find comfortable about the shoes when you tried them?

    I guess I am holding back on selling them because they're Chanel, as you suggested, but they're the only Chanel flats I've liked in a while ( I love the gold CC!) which is why I'm reluctant to let them go, but it does seem a waste to keep them. I guess if I'd had the opportunity to wear them straight away I wouldn't have even considered selling them but now I've had an offer it's tempting to let them go for the cash!
  12. Maybe take a look and see if there's anything else you like better-that may help you decide.
  13. Hi... I have this exact same ballet except in the high heel version. I love it! And, I get so many compliments when I wear it. The burgundy with black patent is such a gorgeous combos, and I love the ruffle with the gold CC.

    I think if it fits you, you should keep and wear it. It is a gorgeous shoe. Plus, Chanel ballet flats only increase in price, for the same style! My first beige/black classic ballet was $350.00 USD. Now, it's $625.00! I have already bought 3 pairs of the beieg/black ballet. Can you imagine if I was smart and bought 3 pairs back when it was $350.00?

    I really love your ballets and think you should keep them! I love my high heel ones and would definitely get another pair if I saw it in a different color.

    Good luck on your decision!
  14. I own these without the ruffles and they are one of my most comfortable flats I own. My friend has the exact same ones you have with the ruffles and she also find them really comfortable. She doesn't wear them that often, but when she does she really likes wearing them. She mostly wears them when she goes out to a ballet or musical or something like that. Maybe you should push yourself to wear them more often, so maybe you're going to like them even more when wearing them. If not you can always sell later.
  15. Thanks for your comment. I've also just noticed that the price of the flats has increased considerably since I bought them. Ooh I didn't know you could get these same flats without the ruffle as the ruffle is the part of the shoe I like the least. So, have either of you found that the elastic rubs on your feet?