chanel shoes in nordstrom?

  1. do any of the Nordstrom's that carry chanel also carry shoes? i'd call and ask myself, but i'm on the west and everything's already closed for the night.
  2. yes they do...
  3. very limited selection so yo have to know exactly what you want..
  4. ^thanks addisonshopper
  5. I know that Nordstrom in Seattle has Chanel shoes. My guess is where they have a boutique, they also sell the shoes (Topanga Canyon & Mall of Americas)
  6. ^ Yup, Mall of America Nordstrom carries Chanel shoes and clothes.
  7. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America does indeed carry CHANEL shoes. Only the stores that have boutiques carry the shoes. However, the shoes are located in Salon Shoes rather than in the boutiques.