chanel shoes 50% in bloomie boston

  1. omg, saw some flats, sandels and boots 50% off. mostly the quilted one w/ cc toe, black/black or beige/black. one of them being the quilted biege flats w/ black toe and cc!!! my parents and bf brutally talked me out of buying that even it's exactly my size...oh, well, need to behave, so someone plz grab those b4 i sneak back into the store.
  2. Oh wow, I really want the black/black flats- do you have any contact info for a good sa or should I just call them? They probably won't have my size, but it's worth a shot. Thanks for posting :tender:
  3. Wow I would love to try and see if they have my size. Do you have any contacts please? Thks lots
  4. Thanks for posting:tup:
  5. thanks for posting it.

    wow...i'm lookin for the chanel flats.....hope i can try callin them tonight my time which will be their morning time....argghhhh
  6. Ok, I scored a pair of beige flat with black toes in 37.5. Hope they fits me. I don't know if Chanel runs small or large.
  7. Good gosh, I wish I was back in my hometown Boston. No word if they are on sale down here in Maryland?
  8. Lucky you Christy2007. I just called the store and they told me they sold a 37.5 in beige just 10 mins ago. Hope they fits you :smile: If not pls let me know cos I'll like to try of they fits me ..... thanks !!!:p:p:p Good Luck ....
  9. haha, i almost got that 37.5, but my heart still belongs to black/black
  10. chanel shoes run a little small for me. hope they fit you.
  11. Boston no longer has them, and they told me to try calling the NY store. I called there, and a few other Bloomindale's without luck. If anyone comes across a black/black, white/black, could you PLEASEEEEE PM me? Thank you!! I've been looking for these for forever, and 50% off would be great!

    oh, btw, I'm a size 37.
  12. are the flats just the quilted ones or do they also have the other satin or patent styles on sale?
  13. leather one only. they only have flats in beige/black.