Chanel Shoe Thread...

  1. Is there a shoe thread?

    I think we should have one if there isn't one yet. We could post pictures and info/pricing & possibly sightings of discontinued or hard to find shoes.


    OKAY.. I found a thread, but do you think we can make it a little more specific w/ shoe info as well. I LOVE SHOES too!!... and I just think it would be great if we could do that.
  2. Ok, I wanted to post style info with the shoes so I had to look for all the original boxes. And I'm a spaz and sometimes put the wrong shoes in the wrong box so that turned into a HUGE closet cleaning fiasco. And closet cleaning is no fun at all in the summer!

    I PROMISE that my next post will be to the Chanel Shoe thread!! Sorry Swanky :sad:
  3. Thank You So Much Ladies!!!
  4. LOL Max, I TOTALLY get it:yes::lol:
  5. I was too lazy to post style info, but if anyone wants the info on any one of my shoes I can provide it. I have all of the original boxes (except for the tweed pumps).