Chanel Shoe Quality Issue/Repair Fee Dispute?

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  1. Hey all, I would love some advice on this situation. I recently purchased a pair of Chanel lace-up combat boots about a month and a half ago. I have only recently started to wear them- about 2-3 weeks of occasional use. I wear them on normal sidewalks just walking around the city. I have found that the soles have worn down incredibly quickly (see pictures attached), to the point that at the heel and the toe, the first "layer" of the sole is pretty much completely worn through. I have lots of other designer leather-soled shoes and I don't think any of them have ever worn down this quickly.

    I went to the boutique where I purchased them today and they informed me that this was "normal wear and tear" and I would have to pay at least $55 to get a rubber sole attached, even after I spoke to a manager. I feel that it's quite ridiculous that such an expensive pair of boots have worn down so fast, and that I would need to pay extra to get them fixed after only around 2 weeks of wear. I am disappointed in their customer service. Do you think I can dispute this further and get them to waive this charge? Do you all feel that this is actually normal wear??

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  2. I would try to dispute it; I agree that seems so ridiculous for the price :sad: so sorry
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  3. It might seem 20/20 hindsight, but I always get those thin rubber soles put on my shoes before I wear them for this very reason. The heel doesn't look bad. The toe looks like it might be due to scuffing it somehow? Or where/how you walk (like cobblestones in Soho)? I doubt Chanel will do anything. Just my opinion. No matter what, get those soles put on. I would be disappointed too, give the price of these boots.
  4. The wear seems harsh given the short period of wear. In Europe, CHANEL, will replace heels and soles complimentary for shoes//boots purchased within two years. After that there is an £80 charge. Over the Summer, I took four pairs of boots into Walton Street for either heel or sole replacement. They were sent to Paris and returned three weeks later. I would press for complimentary replacement. Good luck.
  5. good to know!
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  6. I do the same with my shoes before I wear them. Also to prevent slipping on smooth floors.
  7. Leather soles tend to wear like this especially from daily use in city conditions. I would say it’s wear and tear but poor design to put a leather sole on a utilitarian style such as a combat boot. It definitely should have been reinforced with either rubber or steel caps.

    Try to speak to a manager to see if they might off to comp the fee for the rubber sole.
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  8. Were you walking in the rain a few days in a row? This happened to me with a pair of Isabel Marant boots and I realised it was because I’d walked on the wet ground and then worn them again in the rain without them having a chance to dry properly in between wears, so the leather was soft. Leather shouldn’t wear that quickly unless it’s wet.
  9. Thanks for all the advice everyone! Though I know leather soles can be delicate, I haven't worn these boots in the rain, or for long distances in the city-- so I was shocked at how fast they wore (esp compared to my other leather soled boots :confused1:). I did get a satisfactory result in the end. I spoke to customer care, had several conversations, and sent them these pictures. They agreed to check for quality issues. I also visited the Chanel store again and I think I got a nicer manager, because she agreed to send them in for repair free of charge. I think being persistent definitely paid off! Next time though I will just save myself the trouble and get a rubber sole attached first :no:
  10. I’m glad you got it sorted out in the end! That’s ridiculous wear and tear after such a short time, considering you had not worn them in wet weather. I always thought the combat boots had rubber soles. I didn’t realise they had leather soles. I was hoping to buy a pair for the wet weather (I’m in the north-west of England and it rains ALL the time!) but now I’ll definitely pass.
  11. The material of the soles looks cheap to me (not surprised because Chanel's quality been going downhill lately). And if they're cheap of course they'll be worn through after only 2 weeks. I honestly think we all should stop buying Chanel.
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  12. Does anyone know if putting anti-slip soles will void the warranty? I always put anti-slip rubber soles on my ballerinas and sling backs. Most are fine but the last pair of ballerinas (purchased a few months ago) suddenly split at the toe part.(Hadn’t worn them more than half a dozen times and kept in the box.) Took them to my cobbler and paid to get them fixed as I wasn’t sure Chanel would fix them with the added rubber sole.
  13. Exactly. Leather soles have no durability and wear down so fast.

    Wrong sole for a combat boot!