Chanel Shearling Flap Bag Opinions

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  1. I already asked this over in the chit chat forum, but I really would like a good opinion on whether or not this bag would be a good purchase! I'm in love with it, but am worried that once I buy it, I won't know what to wear it with. I think it's a runway bag from the F/W 2005 collection, and it's such a great price, too. Let me know what you think! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465116759.128199.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465116777.561120.jpg
  2. I think this is a great Winter bag that can be worn with just about anything!!!

  3. Thank you! I'm about 90% sure that I'm buying it
  4. I saw this shearling bag or one like it last winter at Saks and I thought it was a cute seasonal item. It depends what they are asking for it.

  5. It's so reasonably priced, only about a thousand! I'm worried if I keep talking about it, someone else might snatch it up while I'm thinking it over!
  6. Do you have a link to the listing so another set of eyes can look it over?
  7. Where are you thinking of wearing it? I think you mentioned in the chit chat thread that you are 17. Like, a club or party?

  8. Just for going out to a nice lunch or for shopping. I probably wouldn't wear it until the fall, though!
  9. It's a cute bag, but it doesn't seem like it would hold its shape well, it feels like one of those fabric/goosedown flaps Chanel did a few years ago. Having said that, I probably would get it anyway since it's only 1k like you said.