Chanel Sevruga WOC - Quality? Please comment

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  1. Hi Fellow TPF members -

    I would like to call out to all Chanel Sevruga WOC owners to share the quality of their beloved Sevruga's. I would really appreciate any feedback from anyone who would like to weigh in.

    I am on the fence about purchasing a Sevruga WOC. I love the dark red and really wanted to get one. However, I'm scared about the quality as some TPF members had reported experiencing some quality issues with their Sevruga's.

    I know that there are normal wear and tear to be expected in purses - but my SA mentioned that she feels the Sevruga's are much more durable than lambskin and possibly the caviar. Is this true? Please advise!!!

    Please, please... let me know. Thank you so much in advance.
  2. anyone?
  3. I would do a search for existing threads... there are already a lot of discussions out here regarding the quality/feel etc.. of Sevruga. Some love them, some don't. The threads and comments out here on TPF were the reason I decided personally not to buy one recently.
  4. My red Sevruga seems to be holding up pretty well. I have used it in my travels, as well as errands. I don't baby it at all. I even throw it into my closet without the box or cover, with my stuff still inside, and it's left like this for days and it's still fine. I think (not sure at all) some owners have complained about minor flaws as early as purchasing them. But mine was in pristine condition when I got it Paris exactly 1 year ago today. I got another red Sevruga for my friend too and it's also fine until now.
  5. Hi Ishcat and lillifee.... thanks for the input! Appreciate it!
  6. When I first bought the servuga WOC, the leather zipper pull broke in half. (this is the little leather pull on the inside of the WOC) I immediately took it back and my SA found me a new one. This was over a year ago and I never had any problems with my replacement and I used it all of last summer. I actually love the servuga and would buy another one. Good luck with your decision.
  7. I've been using my Sevruga (in silver) for a few months now and I do not see any quality issues associating with the bag. I use it quite a bit when traveling, running errands, and even took it to a theme park. :nuts: I thought I had to be slightly more careful with it since it is in a light color but so far it's been holding up great! :smile:
  8. I have a lambskin camilia WOC and have had no problem. I'm sure the WOC your are considering will hold up well. Get the one you want and enjoy it!

  9. Hi I purchased the Sevruga WOC in black about three months ago & I love it, its holding up really well I have no bad things to say about it, the reason I purchased this one was because it was nearly half the price of the quilted one & I had only just purchased a GST & Camelia wallet so really didn't want to spend too much as I wasnt sure if I would love it, I actually ordered it over the phone & I had never seen it in person but when I got it I was absolutely in love with it, I can fit my iphone, cards, money & my house & car keys with LV Cles (change pouch), it can be worn several different ways & I took it on holiday & used it as a wallet in a bigger bag, across body bag for going out & about in the day & an evening bag, I use it to go grocery shopping because I like to be hands free when pushing the shopping trolley around, honestly this bag is amazing & now I want another WOC but maybe in a different design:graucho:
  10. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! I will let you guys know if I end up getting one!!! I will post my experience and progress as well.