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  1. If you love the classic flaps and in WHITE they will be appearing in September this year in all sizes from mini to jumbo instead of the usual highly anticipated "cruise" time in mid-November.

    This is good also because the last two years the price increases happened in November, right in time for "cruise" another plus if it happens again.

    This particular SA is knowledgeable, reliable and who's been with Chanel for many years. Now we don't know if it will be a true white becaue they really have not made them since 2012 but they will be a close white. I also believe they will be with "light gold hardware" so everyone can be happy.

    If any of you have close SA's in the know and are looking for whites, please contact and get more information if you can and post here.

    Thank you!:smile:
  2. I wonder if the mini will come out in caviar leather... :confused1:
  3. Yes, I believe they will all be in caviar leather. Hopefully we will hear from other's who have seen sample swatches in the lookbooks and let us know. September is not far away.:smartass:
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  4. I thought they weren’t coming out with minis in caviar for a few seasons? :o
  5. Do we know if there will be other colors for the Mini as well?
  6. I was told "all sizes" for white classic flaps when we were talking. I can't say with certainty if they will be caviar or

    I'm hoping for others with helpful SA's to get more information. Fall is just around the corner.

    I cannot answer as to other colors of mini's. September/Fall will be "snow themed" and so that's when whites
    will appear.
  7. September? Classics are usually in Act I, which is more July ish. Where is your SA from? Just a bit confused.
  8. September will be Fall Act 2 or 19K. Usually no minis around this time. Is Chanel making something unusual? Like there will be Reissue mini in the upcoming collection.
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  9. For all who are interested in purchasing a NEW classic or possibly other white Chanel bag styles please check the "Chanel official Site".

    Click the "fashion" section. then click "Fall/winter 2019" and you will see that it will be available in stores September 2019.
    It is a "SNOW THEME" indeed. I guess my SA knew something as I've known this for well over a month now. It's exactly what he said to me.

    I started this thread to help those interested in white shades and that they very likely will be here in September and not Cruise. If this is so I don't want those interested to miss out. Maybe Chanel is switching it up!

    You can also check cruise collection". The theme has more color's in comparison to September.

    Chanel white bag buyers will find out more information and post here I hope. Swatches should be available in "lookbooks" to check for the shade of white and/or caviar-lambskin. A few posters have access to these and any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!:biggrin:

    PS. I also wonder if there will be any white totes or other styles like re-issue as a poster mentioned above available at this time as well. I did not ask about those.
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  10. I am wanting a caviar mini in black with gold hardware will this ever come out!!! I am about to buy lamb out of frustration
  11. The whole conversation started about white flaps when I walked in with my new white jumbo. That's when it was mentioned they are coming in September 2019 this year. He didn't think they were going to be as white as mine though and said it was too expensive to produce such a snow white leather in today's world anymore. I'm staying positive though - you never know....

    Here is a picture of my classic white caviar jumbo which I was lucky enough to get new! I paid a hefty
    price for it but well worth it for not only color but quality. I waited 5 years for a "snow white" new classic jumbo in caviar but they stopped making
    them and only off whites with yellow undertones have been produced since 2012.

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  12. Would anyone happen to know if any reds or burgundys are coming?
  13. This bag is STRAIGHT FIRE .
  14. Thanks!:yahoo::tup:
  15. There's a burgundy lamb mini coming out thisjuly ! The white small and jumbo classic flaps are also coming out this july
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