Chanel Selling Advice

  1. I need some help from Chanel experts. I have a beautiful black with white CC's Cambon bowling bag that I am going to sell on ebay. The only problem it that I don't have any of the paperwork. I know that the bag is 10000% authentic, I know its entire history, and I know the woman who bought it at Chanel originally will vouch for its authenticity (she is an MPRS and a well known, reputable seller on ebay). I am just wondering what to put in my auction so that people browsing ebay looking for the paperwork will not doubt the authenticity of my bag. Louis Vuitton is more my thing, I do not know much about Chanel AT ALL. I know to photograph the hologram tag, but are there any other parts of the bag that would help assure potential buyers of its authenticity? I just don't want to be doubted because I am strongly against counterfeit bags, but am just plain dumb when it comes to Chanel!

    Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. When I am browsing ebay a few things I tend to look for are: hologram sticker and authenticity card (show them together). I also like pictures of the hardware, especially any interior hardware, zipper pulls, etc.

    The interior tag showing where the bag was made is also important. Yet, If you still have any other exterior tags when you received the purse that is a plus.

    I also like when they show the original box. It most boxes there is a picture of the bag along with the serial number that matches the hologram and card I would feel comfortable buying the bag without a receipt. I would also show the dustcover in the picture, as well as the care booklet.
  3. I have the box, but no paperwork.
  4. Whoops - what I meant to say is that most of the time there is a sticker on the box (not in the box - sorry). which has at least the barcode or the barcode and pic together
  5. Oh! That might help me out a lot. Thank you SO much!!
  6. Good luck Jenny.:biggrin:
  7. Thanks Mon. I really want to sell it and NOT lose my ass like I always seem to do!!!
  8. Yup, I know what you mean. I already have this bag, otherwise I'd be tempted to take yours off your hands.:amuse: