Chanel Seller Ok??? Pls. Inform Claudia!

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  1. Its DGJeans....i am prob going to buy a bracelet from him (Chanel) - pls. tell me.
    He tells me he and his partner transfer items 2 times a month to their store in Taiwan (he is in NJ).....and the tag is cut off because they do not want to get charged Customs. In the eBay pic there is a tag on the bracelet i am supposedly getting.....when i questioned him about it he said the store had cut it off and reattached it but because it was restocked when it went on sale, 2 digits are missing from the label. He is selling it below the price he got it for. Orig. price $795. NM sold it for $495 around end of year. He is doing a BIN for $379....:rolleyes:
    is something wrong with this picture??? His other items are def genuine (i checked out his eBay store)....his feedback is 99.8 and over 4,000 but we all know that doesnt necessarily mean anything. I wish i could post a pic......not sure how..i know i know i am so clueless, you'd think after all this time i would know how...
    Many many thanks

  2. I had bought an authentic Chanel from the seller.
  3. I believe this seller is trustworthy. I also had bought a couple items from him before and they are authentic. I also believe what he said about between him and his partner is true. His listings are all high price items. They are not necessary the lowest on eBay, but they are authentic and are as how they were described.
  4. He is OK. I had bought from him in the past. All authentic merchandise. Good Luck!
  5. ohhhhhhhhhhh i am so so happy and relieved i love you girls! thanx for making my night!!
  6. Hey girl! Next time please post in the Authenticate This! in Chanel:yes:
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