Chanel School Project (I'm so proud :3)

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  1. For a school project I had to choose a subject in the arts I was interested in so I chose La mode (fashion) and Coco Chanel to do my project on. I decided to design a Chanel outfit for my doll and create it with a tiny replica 2.55 bag :yahoo: here it is..
  2. I'm having picture issues please be patient :smile:
  3. [​IMG]
  4. That little outfit is so cute :smile: how long did it take to make?
  5. Omg!too cute!
  6. oh it so adorable!
  7. That is soooo adorable! Great job! :smile:
  8. Haha and how cute is that!!
  9. WOW you did such a good job, it looks great and it's very cute too!
  10. That's cute! esp the tweed jacket :biggrin:
  11. So cute!!
  12. its so cute!! i would love to have 1!!!
  13. Ka-Yoot!:woohoo:
  14. cute
  15. I hope you get an A on your project!