Chanel School Bag

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  1. is there a big enough chanel bag for a school bag?
  2. Gst?
  3. paris biarritz tote (sp?)
  4. cerf tote?!
  5. I know I am not really answering the question but wouldn't it be better to use a bag other than a Chanel bag as your school bag?
  6. rodeo drive hobo is very big
  7. The Rodeo Drive XL hobo. Trust me, I have one and it is HUGE!!!
  8. Biarritz!
  9. Paris biarrtiz.:tup:
  10. PB tote
  11. Are you planning to put books in it for school or just carry to to school?
  12. Oh, also the new Portobello bag would be great for school.
  13. I think that any of the bags listed would be a good choice if you must carry a Chanel. Honestly, though, Chanels are pricey and I think that your cash, hard earned or not, would be better served by finding a tad cheaper bag. For example, I am in the process of getting the Rodeo Drive XL tote which is huge but is not built to hold a lot of things. If you as any SA worth their pay, would tell you that most Chanels cannot hold a heavy items! Remember Chanels are show dogs, baby not work horses!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.