Chanel Scarves

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  1. Hi All! I saw a picture posted in the reference library of a couple of Chanel scarves that were long and skinny and looked like they were for your hair. Has anyone seen any of these hair scarves recently? And does anyone know the price?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Bump I would like to know the answer to this too!
  3. There are some on sale now for 125
  4. Are you talking about the skinny train motif ones? I have never seen any for your hair ..i have the skinny train one and the square Paris NY one - which I have no clue how to wear properly so it is tied to my diamond shine tote bag ...
  5. oooo Love Shopping, which ones are on sale? and where?

    Harley, I'm not sure if they were really for your hair, they just seemed to be skinny and long. Is that like the train motif one you have?
  6. all kinds southcoast costa mesa. dont know whats left
  7. Ackkk! I need this skinny Train motif scarf!:heart::heart::heart: I've never seen or heard of it before. I'd love to know the model name/style name---Just sent you a PM!:smile:
  8. I have a couple skinny ones that have a heart print on them..they're from 2006's Valentine line.
  9. I love the skinyn shape, it seems so m uhc more wearable then the square
  10. Bandeaus? Any idea of UK prices?
  11. They always have long skinny scarves, with different patterns each season. Try the store... I'm sure they have something.