chanel scarves

  1. Hi i was browsing through the chanel showcase and fell in love with these scarves/twillys/. I'm sorry but i 'stole' this pic from one off the members:


    And i have some questions:

    - What are they called exactly?
    - Are they still available?
    - Does chanel makes a lot off scarves/twillys?
    - How much do they (or others) cost
    - Anyone who has another one and whould love to share a pic?
  2. I knew which ones you were talking about before I even looked at the pics! LOL!!! :P

    I fell in love with them too, so I researched and found those were from the Valentine's collection and were about $150 I think ...
    not sure if they carry that style regularly :shrugs: ... I was going to check the next time I go to the Boutique in December
  3. i would like to know if they carry any scarf as well (non-silk ones; something for the winter: cashmere, wool..) thank!
  4. Anyone? please? just any scarf info would be great! thanks!
  5. They have lots of scarves. The sport collection has many made of wool and of course, the regular line has wool/cashmere scarves. I have a few because I live in Canada and I love them in the winter.

    I also have a black/white/gray long, silk scarf. I'll try to get back to you and post some pictures.

    The wool scarves can run around $750 and up but the silk scarves are more reasonable at around $200 and up.
  6. and the twilly/long silk scarves? do they have them all the time or was this a special item for that year? what's their price?
  7. By "twilly/long silk scarves" do you mean the long rectangles? I bought this one recently:


    They have them all year round, pretty much.
  8. Is this the kind that you can wear as a belt/sash? May I ask the price?
  9. Yes, a belt, sash or to tie in your hair or just around your neck.

    It was around $225 - $250... but that's a Canadian price.
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