Chanel scarves...a good investment????

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  1. I was thinking of buying one but not sure if it'd be a good investment. Should I buy a scarf (to put on bags, wear occasionally, etc.) or should I use that money towards a new bag???

  2. Are you asking about the silk scarves? Or are you interested in the cashmere ones?
  3. Get a silk one to use on your bag or accesorize your outfits. Chanel has some really chic. Right now BLUEFLY.COM has some for lesser price.
  4. I'm talking about silk ones! I saw some gorgeous ones the other day and can't stop thinking about them!
  5. If you like them, you should get one!!! I don't know about inverstment per se, I don't know anything about the scarves.
  6. I would definitely get it if you love it. :yes: Scarves are so much fun.:flowers:
  7. As someone who was sold a bill of good in the '80s about clothes being an "investment"... I can tell you that there's no re-sale value in clothes.

    Just buy what you love and wear it till it falls apart. Scarves can't really go out of style, so you'll be able to wear it for decades. Chanel does make some nice ones and there are a few that I've been eyeing.

    I only have one silk scarf and it is quite long. Here's part of it:
  8. go for it !!!
    wear it well if you get it.. you can use it in all kinds of ways.....waste,head scarf, shoulder scarf !!!!! losts of fun...
  9. Well, if you like it and can get a lot of use out of it, that's a good investment... but if you want to make money/break even, then no.

    Chanel makes some nice scarves, but their reputation is nowhere like Hermes. Hermes' scarves tend to hold their value well, and if it's a rare/desired pattern, can be sold above retail when it's discontinued.