Chanel Scarf

  1. I'm not sure if this is a good price, but the Filene's Basement in Washington D.C. just brought out about 5 Chanel scarves at $100...
  2. that is a good price; wow Filenes has Chanel? I will have to go check that out.
  3. Congrats, don't forget to post pics when u receive her!
  4. which Filenes location in DC? there are 3

  5. wow good deal! i just purchased one at the south coast plaza bloomies on sale for 30% off of $215, and i thought i got a great deal!

    too bad we don't have filene's here in we?
  6. Wow, I'd love a Chanel scarf, but never see them anywhere.
  7. The ones I saw at the Chanel store started at $300.